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Greatest Hits
1979 - MCA939
A Coon Huntin' Story
Marcel Ledbetter Moving Company
The New Chandelier
The She Coon Of Women's Lib
Newgene And The Lion
The Resort Hotel
Wanna Buy A Possum?
Steel Marbles
Marcel's Talkin' Chain Saw
A New Bull
The Burning Building
Bird Huntin' At Uncle Versies'
The Coon Huntin' Monkey
Claude And The Game Warden
The Chauffeur And The Professor
Sittin' Up With The Dead

Live From The Stage Of The Grand Ole Opry
1978 - MCA788
My First Tuxedo
Marcel And The City Fella
The New Chandelier
The Furniture Disease
Clovis Goes To Court
The Resort Hotel
Bunkum Vote
The Burning Building
Claude And The Game Warden
Funeral Procession
Marcel's Plantation
Boiled Okra
Why Can't Johnny Read
The Johnson Grass
Marcel And The Armadillo
Sittin' Up With The Dead

On The Road
1977 - MCA785
Airport Goodbye's
The Hot Hotel
Uncle Versie's Trial
Rats In The Corn Crib
Clovis Gets A Job
Mr. Duvall Scott's Chicken
Steel Marbles
Tar Baby
Deep Water Baptist
Stealing Teacakes
My First Banana
Hitler On The Front Porch
Fifteen Yard Penalty
Cutworm Smith
Newgene And The Lion
My Katy Burns

Ain't God Good!
1977 - WST8737
(Word Records)
Ain't God Good!
Ain't God Good! (Concluded)

The Ambassador Of Good Will
1976 - MCA782
Titus Plummeritis
Writing In My Bible
Warm Water Heater
Tough Nut
Clovis And Beck
The Wise Men
Dig A Dug Well
Marcel Goes Quail Huntin'
The Pet Squirrel
Wanna Buy A Possum?
The Headless Man
Flying To The Opry
A Nickels Worth Of Cheese
Marcel's Brother Goes To Jail
Runnin' The Coon
Uncle Versie Sees The Ocean
Mr. Jake Ledbetter
The Clumsy Mule
It Coulda Been A Lot Worse
The House I Live In

Live In Picayune
1975 - MCA486
Live In Picayune
Physical Examination
The Plumber
Bird Huntin' At Uncle Versies'
Marcel's Snuff
The Tarzan Movie
Rattlesnake Roundup
Aunt Penny
A Box For Clovis
Marcel Ledbetter Movin' Company
The Coon Huntin' Monkey
Marcel's Old Goose
Uncle Versie's Horse
The Chain
Marcel's Hair Growing Secret
Hot Apple Pie
Soppin' Molasses
Newgene's 4-H Trip
What's His Number
You're Fixin' To Mess Up

Country Ham
1974 - MCA417
The She Coon Of Women's Lib
Panama Limited
The Time We Played Clemson
Marcel Is In Trouble
Mr. Duvall Scott
Home In The Country
U. S. Exports
Ole Slantface
The New Fad
My Pet Peeve
Marcel's Invasion
The Young People Of Today
All Right
A New Bull
In High Cotton
Be Yourself
Please note, this title has been released with more than one cover. The original had an image of Clower seated on a bale of hay with a staircase in the background as shown at the far left here. More recent covers show a cropped image of Clower from the original cover placed on a black background.

Clower Power
1973 - MCA317
Second Down And Goal To Go
Old Brumey Wasn't Runnin A Coon
The Public School Music Class Learns A Song
I'm That Country
Marcel Says No School Today
Peanut Boilin Was Required
How To Back Into Show Business
Three Footballs In A Game Ain't Fair
All About Clovis Ledbetter
Marcel Wins A Bet
The Old Timey Ice Box
Uncle Virsi Ledbetter
Brother Sonny Goes To Church
My Mama Made Biscuits
The Flying Jenny
King Solomon Said
Signaling For A Fair Catch
Little Katy Learns A Lesson
What Christmas Means To Me

Mouth Of The Mississippi
1972 - MCA47
Knock Him Out John
Public School Music Class
The Rat Killin'
Pistol Pete
Those Tigers Are Bad, Wet Or Dry
Clower Takes A Trip
Judgment In The Sky
Green Persimmon Wine
Ole Highball
The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
New-Gene Ledbetter
The Last Piece Of Chicken
A Double Fire Place
Wittle Red

From Yazoo City Mississippi Talkin'
Decca Stereo DL 75286
re-issued on MCA as MCA33
A Coon Huntin' Story
Bully Has Done Flung A Cravin' On Me
Baby Goes To College
Homecomin' Steaks
The Graduate Returns
Marcell's Talkin' Chain Saw
The Chauffeur And The Professor
Good Citizenship

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