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Let There Be Light
1989 - MCA42304
Let There Be Light
The Dead Cat
Double First Cousin
The New Baby
Salesman At The Funeral
The Deacon's Son
Bilingual Dog
Peg Leg
My New House
The Devil
Ox Pullin' Contest
Clovis The Constable
They Comin' Back!
Squirrel Huntin'
Civil War
State Loyalty
Wesley Trees The T.V.
Organized Sports
Lay Still

Classic Clower
1988 - MCA42178
Peanut Boiling Was Required
Quail Huntin'
Southern Humor
Hitch Hiker
Is Anybody Up There?
Apple Pie & Coffee
Wooden Leg
The Fish & The Edsel
The Inventory
The Maddest Man I Ever Saw!
Tater Rides The Moped
Hog Feed
Azlee & Clovis
The Chauffeur & The Professor
Our First Banana
Marcel And The Lady
Bill's Vacation

Top Gum
1987 - MCA42034
Top Gum
Write It Down!
Two Bit Savings Account
Rules According To Clower
Marcel's Dirty Dozen
Uncle Versie Saves The Day
Fat And Dainty
Broad Bottoms
Horizontal Hitchhiker
Big Mama At The Opry
The Cows In The Corn
School Lunch
Do I Believe?

Runaway Truck
1986 - MCA5773
The Trucker And The Lady
Marcell, The Truck Driver
Feudin' Stars
The Pulpit Committee
John Dunn
The Preacher's Water
Two Mean Brothers
The Grassers
How To Tell Time
Runaway Truck
The Baptizing
Sonny And Rambo
Temperance Meeting
A Positive Attitude
Coon Huntin' On TV
Shake It Off

An Officer And A Ledbetter
1985 - MCA27113
Fox 12 . . . Over
Marines Are Tough
The Marine Recruiter
Our First Banana
Camp Perry
The Civil War
Marcel's Court Martial
Christmas Dinner
Rat Killings
Catahoula Cur Dog
What's That Smell?
Uncle Versie At The Opera
We Was So Poor
Painting The Porch
Baseball Umpire
New Teeth
U.S.S. Bennington

The Best Of Jerry Clower
1985 - MCA20195
Baby Goes To College
A Coon Huntin' Story
Good Citizenship
The Graduate Returns
Clower Takes A Trip
A Double Fire Place
Green Persimmon Wine
Pistol Pete

Starke Raving
1984 - MCA952
I Love Small Towns
Green Eye Lids
Room 411
Big City Vocabulary
God's Gonna Take Care Of Me
My Friend Chief Hill
Work Processing
Uncle Versie's Bond
Bill's Vacation
My Grandson Jayree
The Blessing Of Giving
How To Order Wine
Crack, W.L. And Rover
Snook's Prey
Owen Cooper Said . . .

Live At Cleburne, Texas
1983 - MCA891
Letter From Home
Wooden Leg
Coon On De Log
Azlee And Clovis
Udell And The Reverend
Definition Of A Cow
Tater Rides The Moped
Turnip Greens
Patch Of Peas
Who's The Boss
Gathering Votes
The Last Day Of School

Dogs I Have Known
1982 - MCA892
Puppy Love
Little Dogs And Big Dogs
Brummie And The Okra
Newgene, The Lying Ledbetter
Ole High Ball
Ol' Blue
The Magic Wand
The L.S.U. Clock
Employment Office
The Go Gitter
Justice For All

More Good 'Uns
1981 - MCA819
The Maddest Man I Ever Saw
The Dog And The Bear
Holding Pattern
Coon Huntin' With A Wheel Barrow
The Fish And The Edsel
The Inventory
Computer Pilot
Dove Huntin'
Mr. Doogah
Hi-Ball And The Coon
The Christian Bear
Southern Humor
The Hitch Hiker
Clovis' Suit
Two Burnt Ears
The Wealthy Texan
You're On My List

The Ledbetter Olympics
1980 - MCA790
Udell And Ole Skeets
Foot Races, Shot Put, and Concessions
The Fox Hunt
The Swimming Event
The Ike And Mike Contest
Do You Love America?
Marcel's Dream
Uncle Versie And The Gambler
Where Will You Be When You Get Where You're Going?
Is Anybody Up There?
Apple Pie And Coffee
Real Love

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